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Samson is one of our newest residents.  He has a type of tumour called a trichoblastoma on his foreleg, which is covering most of the lower part of his cannon bone.  We urgently need to raise £2000 to fund an operation to have it removed and treated.

If you think you can spare a couple of pounds to help Samson, please visit our GoFundMe page at


November 2016

A very busy month so far!

On 8th November, we very sadly had to have another one of our cats, Zorro, (long time followers will remember that five of our seven cats were born here just when we arrived) put to sleep following a diagnosis of Key Gaskell Syndrome.  We are gutted.  This is the second cat we have lost to this in 18 months and sadly, the vets do think it is because they are related.  Fingers crossed for the others.

We have had a quote back from our vets regarding Samson's leg of £750 +vat for surgery to remove the tumour.  This doesn't seem too bad until you factor in the VAT, the transport, the aftercare from the operation, the cost of ongoing treatment, bandaging, etc, etc.  Having sat down and worked through it roughly, we think it will come up around £2000 - money which we really do not have kicking around in the bank account!

In light of this 'unforeseen expenditure', we feel we have little choice but to start a fundraising campaign in order to raise the funds for Samson's operation - the alternative is sadly to have him put to sleep which we really don't want to do!  

Please visit our fundraising webpage at www.gofundme.com/samsons-leg-operation if you feel you may be able to donate to help us, and keep updated with our progress please like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/wealdenhorserescuecentre

October 2016


We've been so lucky to have dry weather for so long, excepting for a couple of hiccups; although we hear that the weather is due to turn very cold soon.  

The end of October saw the arrival of our two newest horses, Samson and Owen.  The pair came all the way from Weston-Super-Mare to us in Sussex. Owen is settling nicely into a relaxing retirement but things are not looking so quiet for Samson!  Those who follow our Facebook page will have seen our posts about Samson's 'proud flesh', which turned out to be an enormous tumor called a trichoblastoma.  As this is particularly unusual in a horse, we are waiting for our vets to put together a plan of action for his treatment.

On more mundane matters, we have been planning out the rotation for the last of our grazing before the horses move up to their winter fields, and we have had the muck heap cleared finally - we were getting very short on space and it needed to be done before the weather turned bad.


September 2016

Sadly, we still haven't got around to starting on the new replacement shed!

August 2016

We are hoping that we will soon be able to get on with work to replace the lean-to shed which houses our baler and a few other bits with a bigger building which will hopefully be large enough to keep the majority our machinery in before the winter.  However, it is hard with just Trustee Gordon to build it and very limited funds, but we will press on as we always have done as the need for this new building is great.


July 2016

Our hay is cut, baled and safely stored in the barn ready for whatever Winter 2016/17 might throw at us!  Haymaking is always a stressful time of year for us as we rely entirely on producing our own hay to feed the horses through the winter.  One of our permanent residents was recently diagnosed as suffering from Equine Metabolic Syndrome and is now on a predominantly hay diet all year round so we were lucky to have been able to cut a bit extra this year to cover what he eats.  The charity simply does not have enough regular funding to be able to spend £2-3,000 on buying hay in each year, so huge thanks goes out to Trustee Gordon and Assistants Michael, Richard, Cindy and Martin for making it all possible this year.

Trustee and chairperson Vanessa is working hard to try and complete the new website; completed parts will be uploaded as soon as they are completed but it is a juggling act between looking after the animals and a one year old child!

We have also recently joined Facebook, so please like us at wealdenhorserescuecentre for regular posts and updates.


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